Varyag and Koreets at Chemulpo

On 9. February 1904, a russian cruiser Varyag and a gunboat Koreets fought near the port of Chemulpo (Inchon), west coast of Korea, against a superior Japanese squadron.
The both ship fought bravely but were defeated by Japanese, and at last they sunk themselves.
Here I show some pictures of two russian ships from Japanese Navy's official war history book "Meiji sanjuushichi-hachi-nen kaisen shi" (History of the naval warfare in 37th and 38th year of Meiji period (1904-1905 A.D.)).

In Japan, this battle is called "Jinsen oki kaisen" (The battle off Inchon).

Click on the small photograph to prompt a larger view of the same image.

Varyag departs from the port

Koreets explodes herself

Wrecked Varyag

Wrecked Koreets

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